CMF Design

We dive into the world of colors, materials and finishes, driven by the conviction that ‘soft’ attributes are fundamental to creating products that harmonize emotional resonance with functional purpose. We discover the essence where aesthetic sensitivity meets practical necessity, creating a dialogue between eye and hand.


Baolab fosters balanced collaborations with specialized manufacturers, craftsmen, universities and research institutes, promoting a symbiotic exchange of knowledge and creativity. Thanks to this convergence, we not only design but also power the development of innovative products, strategically positioned at the intersection of tradition and innovation.

Trend Forecasting

Digging into different sources, Baolab identifies emerging languages and evolving trends, which we translate in deep interpretation tools: mood and material boards, color palettes, personas profiling and data mapping.

Through this process, we create a deeper understanding of the moment, guiding our clients’ creative vision.

Workshop & Education

We teach postgraduate master courses and hold corporate workshops focusing on trend analysis, sensory design, innovation and research. We are enthusiastic about sharing our passion in the industry with students and researchers.

Research & Develoment

Baolab conducts an on-going broad research for a wide range of our clients, global players in their respective industries. We inspire them first and jointly develop novel product concepts, in different fields.

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Via San Marco 18 20121 Milano Italy

+39 0236513927

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